The Winter Event occurs once a year around Christmas time. In 2015 the event started on Dec 12th.

During the limited time event unique items, blocks, and achievements may be obtained.

Items Edit

Item Effect How to find
Ornament 5 pps Can be found in Small Chest
Snowflake 3 pps 0.1% chance to drop after breaking a block in Snow biome
Reindeer 6 pps Can be found in Small Chest
Snow Golem 5% pps Can be bought for 8000 snow
Santa's hat 10% pps Can be found in Snow biome while mining with Candy Pickaxe after obtaining Magic Crumbs
Magic Crumbs Empowers Candy Pickaxe Can be obtained by killing gingerbread creeps (creeps during the Winter Event)

Blocks Edit

Achievements Edit

  • Sugar Crush!
  • Do you want to build a Snowman