2.0 update Edit

Update 2.0 was a major update on June 18th. It added abilities, new gear and pickaxes, and new biomes and blocks.

Pickaxes Edit

The new and updated pickaxes are as follows (in order of appearance in new inventory):

Name Damage Critical Notes
Clay 15 1% Clay replaces stone in the plains biome

Curiously, This is stronger than wood

New Cactus 20 2% Handle replaced with Sandstone
Sandstone 25 2.5% Has a Face shape at the top of the handle
Ice 30 2.5% Looks remarkably similar to Lapis
Lapis 45 3% Looks remarkably similar to Ice
Bedrock 100% 3.5% Bedrock is now a lot harder to mine
Red Sandstone 70 5% Has a 'T' Shape at the to of the handle
Topaz 75 5.5% Can be unlocked in the Mesa biome, even though it's an ore
Jade 80 6% Can be unlocked in the Jungle biome, even though it's an ore
Trident 85 7% Is considered a pickaxe even though it's a trident
Pearl 90 7.5% Can be unlocked underwater, referencing how clams create pearls
Lunar 95 8% Looks remarkably similar to the Stone pickaxe, which is now unlocked in the cave
Alien 100 10% Is considered a pickaxe, even though it's a scythe
Creeper 80% 4% Is one of the 11 pickaxes to have a percentage for its damage value, the others being Bedrock, Pumpkin, Cookie, Bone, B&W, Candy, Torch, Chest & 'Fire!'

*Damage values with a percentage are based on your strongest pick unlocked

Biomes Edit

All biomes are as follows:

Biome Rewards Notes
Plains Wooden Pickaxe This is the starting biome
Desert Crit potion The crit potion Gives a 10% increase on criticals, but can be upgraded with runic
Tundra X2 Enchant The X2 Enchantment allows you to break one block, and you'll obtain two. This can be upgraded to three with runic
Cave TNT This acts as an artificial creeper, in the way that it blows up on contact. This can be upgraded to two throws with runic
Nether Drill This acts as a secondary pickaxe that drills through blocks incredibly fast. This can be upgraded with runic to get a longer duration
Mesa N/A This is in the overworld, even though you obtain it after the nether
Jungle N/A In this Biome, It can rain
Ocean N/A N/A
Moon Prestige When you prestige, you gain multiple abilities.